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Green Tea – Can You Shed Off the Pounds With It?

The Green Tea Phenomenon


Losing the weight can be difficult. And yet, it can be easier than you think to keep the weight off after you shed the pounds. You just have to do the right things. People often try a variety of programs to lose weight, hoping to lose faster than ever before. The topic of weight loss and dieting is something that many people read up on. They can usually find material in the form of articles and books. You may have even tried one of the more popular fad diets out there and had some level of success with it – until the weight came flying back on. Perhaps you thought of using green tea. Have you? When you drink tea, losing weight is definitely possible. This is why green tea can help you lose weight.

After drinking green tea on a regular basis for several weeks, people experienced significant weight loss. This is based on a Queen Margaret University study. Of course, the pounds didn’t melt off them. However, it proved that when incorporated into the diet, green tea can be an excellent weight loss aid. So, scientifically speaking, at least according to this study, all you have to do if you really want to lose weight is drink green tea. There isn’t anything else you should do. The study is encouraging, even though losing weight may not be as simple as just drinking green tea.

So what’s the secret to green tea being great for weight loss? It’s an antioxidant compound called EGCG. The majority of studies done on green tea show that a specific amount of EGCG must be in the green tea you drink in order for you to experience weight loss. How you brew your tea will factor heavily into this number. Then there’s also the type of green tea you get. Green tea is available in many varieties and brands, so it pays to read the ingredients list to make sure the green tea you’re buying has a high enough amount of the compound.

You can increase leptin production in the body that drinking green tea. Your ability to gain weight is actually regulated by the hormone leptin. It is released by the body’s adipose tissues every day. Drinking green tea reduces the amount of leptin that gets released into the body. You can actually lose weight much more easily, and not gain it, because of this.

It can help you lose weight, plus you won’t be able to keep excess weight at all. This is one of the reasons that drinking green tea can help you with your weight loss.

In conclusion, green tea can help you lose weight in so many different ways. It is one of the healthiest things that you can drink. Just by drinking green tea, you will lose weight, plus you will get help with many health issues that you may have. After reading this article, you can see the green tea can help you lose weight in a variety of ways. It is easy to find even more by doing your own research online or off-line.

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