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Is the Paleo Diet an Effective Weight Loss Program?

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For several years now, people have been on the Paleo diet. There is still debate whether or not this diet can be classified as a “fad diet”. While the core idea of this diet is sound, its practices tend to be questionable. Also, it seems to be reincarnated every year. What happens is that depending on which weight loss fads are popular, the so-called experts of the Paleo diet make adjustments to the diet to accommodate whatever is popular. Nevertheless, the diet keeps to its core. According to its inventors, the Paleo diet mimics what the early humans ate supposedly. So is this the diet that will help you shed pounds? Read some facts about the Paleo diet.

It was Walter L. Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist, who is credited as having invented the Paleo diet. In 1975, The Stone Age Diet was published by Voegtlin. Humans are carnivorous is the basic premise of this book. He claimed that a meat diet is what humans ate starting from the Paleolithic era. In the original diet, according to Voegtlin, early man ate mostly protein and fat, and very little carbohydrates. Voegtlin came to his conclusions based on his treatment of various dietary ailments such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Note, though, that Voegtlin is neither an archaeologist nor a historian.

At its core, the Paleo diet is trying to mimic the diet that plenty of people (though none of them seem to hold advanced degrees or expertise in actual history or archaeology) believe early humans ate. Sure, if people follow this diet’s general principles, they will be healthier. They’re likely to reduce their risk of diabetes and heart disease, and they can shed unwanted pounds. Nonetheless, if you choose to go on the Paleo diet because you think it’s historically accurate, you need to think again. For nearly forty years, dieticians have been building upon the Paleo diet, and that’s the reality of it. And those dieticians want to sell books.

On the Paleo diet, expect to eat more fibrous foods. You’ll be eating more veggies and fruits than you normally do, especially if you’re following the vegetarian version of the Paleo diet. Your fiber intake is going to go up quite a lot on this diet.

It’s up to you if you want to get on the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet actually has a number of variants so if you don’t like the one you’re on, you’ll find it easy to switch to a different one and give it another try. Really, the only person who can tell you whether or not it will be good for your health is your doctor. Don’t get on the Paleo diet without talking to your doctor first, though. This is so you can be sure the diet is the right diet for you.

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