The 3 Week Diet
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Ketogenic lies. Exposing the Paleo diet. Low carb fraud.

Ketogenic lies. Exposing the Paleo diet. Low carb fraud.

The 3 Week Diet
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Debunking The Ketogenic Diet by Kristen Mancinelli

A low carb animal based diet isn’t healthy. It’s horrible for you. Increasing heart disease, stroke and cancer risk. I don’t like having heart attacks so I don’t eat like that. They all lie about how high carb diets make you fat, and it isn’t true. They lie about the role of insulin, and the reality is, the majority of people eating high carb diets are thin, not fat. Look at Dr. Mcdougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Doug Graham, Durianrider, Freelee, Vegan Gains, yours truly The Vegetable Police! We eat high carb and are thin and healthy.


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The 3 Week Diet